Prostheses are all artificial materials prepared in order to restore the appearance of the teeth lost due to various reasons, such as chewing and speaking. In general, tooth and bone loss occurs as a result of not treating gum diseases. In prosthesis, lost oral health is corrected. For this purpose, lost lips, cheek support, speech function and chewing function are restored.

Fixed Prosthesis

They are adhesive prostheses such as crown-bridge that the patient does not remove himself. Fixed prostheses are prostheses that are adhered to the mouth with a special material, which cannot be removed or attached.

Removable Dentures

They are prostheses that the patient can put on and remove at any time. Removable prostheses, on the other hand, are types of prostheses that are inserted and removed by patients and need daily care.

Total Prostheses

It is applied to the mouths where all teeth are missing.

Partial Dentures

It is partially applied to toothless mouths. Retention is provided with nails and hooks on the teeth.

Precision Attachment Dentures

It is partially applied to toothless mouths. They are aesthetic prostheses that do not have any apparatus that can be seen from the outside like a hook.

Implant Prosthetics

Fixed: It is the bridge or crowns made with support from the implant.
Removable: These are total-like prostheses made with support from implants preferred in mouths with insufficient bone support.