1991 Gaziantep doğumludur. 2014 yılında Selçuk Üniversitesi Diş Hekimliği Fakültesi’nden mezun olduktan sonra Nokta ailesine katılmıştır. Restoratif ve endodontik tedavilerde öncelikli çalışmaktadır.


Halitosis is a term used to describe unpleasant breath odor regardless of its source, whether in the mouth or outside of the mouth. It affects approximately 50% of the society. 90% of it originates from the oral cavity.
Providing oral hygiene is the first condition in preventing halitosis originating from the oral cavity. Prevention of bad breath is possible by ensuring the health, strength and harmony of the teeth, restorations, gums and other surrounding tissues as a whole. Insufficient oral care causes tooth decay, plaque and tartar accumulation. Depending on these, problems such as gingival recession, pockets, gum bleeding, and bad breath occur. These problems progress and lead to serious problems that can progress to tooth loss.

In the solution of the problem, it is essential to raise the awareness of the patient by oral hygiene training, cleaning teeth and tongue, regulating nutrition, giving up harmful habits such as smoking, suggesting agents such as mouthwash, dental floss, interface brushes. Cleaning dental calculus by going to a dentist every six months is very important in preventing bad breath and gum problems. Contrary to what is known among the people, dental cleaning does not harm the teeth and does not open between the teeth. It is the process of cleaning dental calculus, which becomes a surface for bacteria to hold and settle due to the precipitation of minerals in saliva, insufficient oral care, accumulation of food residues, and it is a must for a healthy mouth. It is extremely important to detect decays in the teeth, to clean and restore them, to renew old and incompatible fillings, to remove the gaps caused by missing teeth with restorations such as implants and bridges. Thus, the lost aesthetics will be fulfilled.

Finally, ensuring the continuity of patient awareness and dentist controls prevents the recurrence of odor.
Respiratory, digestive, excretory system; Problems related to liver and kidney failure originated conditions should be considered and discussed with a specialist.